Let's see Scallop in Aomori

We introduce famous special products by prefecture of Japan.
★Scallop in Aomori(青森の帆立)★
Bivalve of the family Family. Many in shallow water, shell length about 20 cm.
 ・Scallop in Aomori Rakuten
 ・Scallop in Aomori Local souvenirs (地元のお土産)
 ・Scallop in Aomori LocalLocal gourmet ・ souvenir (ご当地グルメ・お土産)

 ・Japan Rakuten ranking (日本 楽天ランキング)
 ・Japan's food real-time ranking (日本食品のリアルタイムランキング)

 ・Rakuten English (英語の楽天市場)
 ・Rakuten Japan (日本の楽天市場)

 ・Rakuten Market in Chinese (简体字) (中文・简体字の楽天市場)
 ・Rakuten Market in Chinese (Traditional) (中文・繁體字の楽天市場)

 ・Rakuten Market of 내 주문 (韓国の楽天市場)
 ・Rakuten Market in France (フランスの楽天市場)


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